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Modular Home Construction

Modular Home Financing, Design and Paper Work

Construction Loans for Modular Homes

Bankers, Mortgages and Building Building Budgets

  • Modular Home Financing - The three primary steps to financing a modular home construction project includes: pre-qualifying, loan pre-approval and closing. For more information read the eight steps to financing a modular home.
  • Building Budgets for Modular Homes - Once financing is in place, you will be able to form your building budget to build your prefab home. Your building budget is comprised of cash on hand and your construction loan. The building budget will be required to determine the size and options for your prefab home. The building budget is not an estimated number but a hard number you plan to use to maintain the cost of building your home under.

Modular Home Builders, Dealers and General Contractors

  • Modular Home Site Development Costs - Not all building sites cost the same to prepare to build a house on. Site development costs vary as to the location and condition of your building site. The hidden costs of building site development could add thousands of dollars of cost to building your home. Site development cost include utility connections, site clearing, water and sewer hook ups or septic and well. Site cost will heavily affect modular home construction costs and your building budget. Your modular home builder will be very helpful in determining your site development costs.
  • Estimating Modular Home Building Costs - What ever is left over from the site estimating cost can go toward your modular home: house; options and construction. This can be the most confusing element of building a modular home. When you are using the building budget as your determining factor as to the cost of the modular home, alway leave 10% of the home and completion out for contingency fees and changes at minimum.
  • Modular Home Floor Plan Selection and Design - This stage consists of choosing a modular floor plan, preliminary drawings, revisions, final drawings and permit sets. Designing a modular home could take an hour or it could take years if you are fickle. For tips on designing your modular homes
  • Modular Home Options - One of the last step before signing off on your modular home order is making final selections of interior, exterior finishes and site constructed items (porches, decks, garages) for your prefab home.

Applications to Build a Modular Home

  • Modular Home Building Permits - After you have signed off on your final drawing for your home, you will receive engineered building permit set to apply for your building permit. In the permit set you will receive a proposed foundation drawings to take to a local engineer to stamp your prefab home foundation.
  • Application for Utilities - This is the time to apply for installation for the utilities for your building lot.


Steps to Building a New Modular Home

  1. Land and Building Lot
  2. Design, Paper Work and Financing
  3. Site and Foundation Work
  4. Delivery and Set
  5. Exterior Site Work
  6. Electrical Site Work
  7. Plumbing Site Work
  8. Heating and Air Conditioning
  9. Fireplaces
  10. Interior Site Work
  11. Punch List
  12. Occupancy
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